About Us

From the ancient Latin: Visio Forma translates to “The Vision of the Form”

Our vision is to enhance the natural beauty of the face and body by the use of Semi-Permanent Makeup and Natural Skin Restorative Techniques which stimulate the body’s natural repair and replacement mechanisms.

Founded in Dunedin New Zealand in 2012 Visio Forma prided itself in being one of the first in the South Island to offer Semi-Permanent Cosmetic treatments. Since then, in a continuous quest to find new, safe and exiting treatments Visio Forma now offers skin tightening and wrinkle reduction by Plasma Fibroblast and High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound techniques which are cost effective and can produce the same improvements as surgery without any down time.

Arasham (MGBT)


Cosmedic© consultants are trained rigorously to high standards. Visio Forma semi-permanent makeup artist Arasham has trained extensively in London at the Natural Enhancement© academy; an accredited BABTAC and HABIA permanent makeup training institution.

Following and adhering to their strict design and hygiene standards, Arasham prides herself in her dedication to producing the finest result for her clients.

Extensive information on procedures can be found by visiting: www.naturalenhancement.co.uk


Only a 5 minute drive from Dunedin city on HW88 along the west harbour side to Maia. Visiting clients benefit from the privacy of this peaceful and relaxing location with meter-free off-road parking.


Thank you Arasham for my great new look – no longer have eyeliner running down my cheeks, as I don’t need to wear it any longer due to your fabulous work – you’re a gem and I recommend you to one and all x
Gina Inglis

Thank you Arasham! After my eyebrow shape I came out feeling ‘brand new’ again. I really appreciated the makeup as well – you made my day. Looking forward to my next visit!
Haley van Leeuwen

I have recently had semi-permanent makeup treatment from Arasham at Visio Forma, which I am delighted with. I love my Eyebrows: – no more pencil needed. My eyeliner is great and Lips are enhanced. I feel and look more confident; it has given me a great modern look.  I get uplifting compliments; it has taken years off me.
I would recommend Visio Forma treatments from Arasham to anyone!!

Judy Hore

I absolutely love my new semi -permanent eyebrows created by Arasham. I was unhappy with the semi permanent brows done by somebody else previously because they were the wrong shape for my face and needed to be corrected. Arasham has done an absolutely fantastic job, my eyebrows look so natural now and I am extremely happy with them. I would recommend Arasham’s work to anyone.
Petrina Mcfarlane

From my first consultation for eyebrow “embroidery” with Arasham, I was treated with utmost respect; I appreciated the professional approach and personal understanding of my requirements in terms of colour and shaping. Arasham goes to great lengths to ensure the colour is matched to skin & hair taking time to recognise the best shape and fit for the face. I love my ‘new’ eyebrows and am happy to be contacted by anyone who is considering a similar procedure. Thank you Arasham.
Sylvia Gilkinson

Arasham touched up my eyebrows on Saturday, just over a year since I had them initially done. Her work is fantastic and she is a perfectionist. I am really pleased with the results and it’s great for my confidence. Thanks very much Arasham
Tamsin Gorman

I would highly recommend Arasham from Visio Forma to anyone considering semi-permanent make up, freckle removal, threading etc.  Arasham did my eyebrows in August 2014 and I couldn’t be happier with the results, they are amazing!! Since then I have been going to Arasham regularly for threading and freckle removal.  I love my skin now and have had so many compliments, a couple of my friends now go to Arasham and I know they are extremely happy with their results.  I recently booked myself in to get a cyst surgically removed by a Doctor, it had been on my chin for 8 months and it was starting to get me down.  I told Arasham about this and she was not happy about me getting it surgically removed and told me it would leave a scar.  She told me she could get rid of it for me but it may take a few treatments, I jumped at the chance and we started that day, I left the premises just over an hour later and the cyst was completely gone.  Words cannot express how grateful I am to Arasham, she is not only professional but a genuine lovely person, I look forward to my appointments as I know I always leave their looking and feeling amazing.
Nicky from Dunedin

Arasham is a professional and a perfectionist. She is the only person I will trust to do my eyebrows. I have very fair skin and hair and she has matched me perfectly with the pigment colour!! I am so happy with my eyebrows I love them.
Georgia from Auckland

Had my first visit at Visio Forma. What a lovely experience Arasham gave me. Her clinic is beautifully presented, fabulous views, and to top it off I came away with great eyebrows and eyeliner on my lower eye lid. We had a great conversation about some of her other treatments she does – looking forward to my next appointment.
Liz Lyall

I recommend Arasham without hesitation. She is a perfectionist and ensures “your look” is exactly right. Arasham’s warm personality combined with excellent expertise in a relaxing and spotless space (NB love that chair/bed!) = happy clients.
Isla Tenbeth

Arasham is definitely but the best groomer in New Zealand! Technology is super good! Love her so much!!!
Juan Wang

Highly recommend the Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening Treatment by Arasham. I noticed a difference immediately after and I love that I keep seeing an improvement as days go by….No other facial treatment has given me such great results that keep getting better! With her precision, value, and warm personality, I’ll only visit Arasham for all my skin needs. VERY SATISFIED. And I’ve had people guess my age as 10 years younger than I am….gotta like that!
Linda Revers Amezcua

Arasham’s work is always on point, 4 years ago I had my eyebrows done and was amazed at Arasham’s perfection. Today I had them touched up and could not be happier! I would not go anywhere else and highly recommend her services. She is such a beautiful person inside and out. Thank you Arasham! X
Eugenie Peens