Beauty treatments


Threading is the ancient art of hair removal originating in the Eastern world. Threading for the eyebrows, upper lip and face has grown in popularity in the west in recent years. Using a thin twisted cotton thread it plucks the hair at the follicle level. Tweezing removes single hairs one at a time, while threading can remove an entire row of hair resulting in a straighter line.

Unlike waxing there is no stretching or damage to the dermal layer of the skin. When done professionally hair removal can be quick and painless.

Threading Prices

  • Eyebrow Shaping – $20   
  • Upper Lip – $15
  • Sideburn – $15
  • Chin – $10
  • Full Face – $45
  • Full Face & Eyebrows – $55

Eye Treatments (30 minutes)

  • Tired Eye Treatment – $35 – Soothing & refreshing
  • Collagen Mask – $50 – Helps restore elasticity to the eye area

Eyebrows and Eyelashes

  • Eyebrow Tinting – $20
  • Eyelash Tinting – $25
  • Eyelash Perming – $65
  • Eyelash Extensions – $45

Jovees 24 Carat Gold Facials

Jovees 24 Carat Gold Facial specialised herbal products have been produced using ingredients derived from 24 

Jovees 24 Carat Gold Facialcarat gold and processed scientifically that help to maintain the therapeutic properties of the herbs thus ensuring optimum results.

JOVEES, a line of herbal skin, hair and body care products is the result of an extensive research pulling together the power of herbs and the power of science.

JOVEES, formulations are based on age old Ayurvedic recipes, the herbs and botanicals used at JOVEES are processed scientifically at the company’s state of the art manufacturing facilities that meet international standards.

JOVEES produces only the highest quality natural skin care products using valuable ingredients through meticulous selection and skilful blending of herbs with a variety of specific effects on the skin.

Each ingredient is carefully and delicately processed so that valuable natural micro nutrients are not damaged or destroyed. The scientific processes and production techniques help to preserve the integrity of the ingredients used in each product thus ensuring optimum results.

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Treatments (Duration 1 hour)

  • Gold Facial $120 – A powerful rejuvenating 24 carat gold massage gel helps improve blood circulations and restores softness, smoothness and radiance. Complete decadence for the skin and indulgence for the soul.
  • Fruit Facial $75 – Moisturises and revitalizes skin.Pigmentation Facial $75 – Minimise pigmentation marks & clears blemishes while delivering requisite moisture to the skin.
  • Face Lifting Facial $90 – Thermoherb – the heat generated from the mask enhances blood circulation & improves cell respiration and renewal.
  • Facial Waxing POA – For those who prefer facial hair removal by the waxing method.

All prices are inclusive of GST. Payment may only be made by cash, or bank transfer.