Laser Treatments

Laser – Removal of Tattoos, Permanent makeup, Moles, Freckles, Pigmentation. Skin Whitening.

The Q-Switched laser latest is the latest in laser technology. It works by using different wavelengths of light which react with the ink in the skin and fractures it into tiny pieces which are either brought to the surface of the skin and/or dispersed by the body’s immune system.

This laser technique has the ability to treat brown age and liver spots, brown birth marks and unwanted pigmentation of the skin, efficiently and effectively. The procedure is fast and multiple brown spots can be treated during one session. Laser treatment of the condition may (but not always) need more than one treatment.

There are many variables associated with the removal of previously applied cosmetic pigmentation and ink tattoos. The number of treatment sessions required for will depend on the colour and quality of ink, depth of tattoo and the amount of time the ink has been imbedded under the dermal layer.

Laser Treatment Prices

  • $180 per 30 minute session
  • Mole removal $80 per mole

A client may require anywhere between 1 – 5 sessions. We recommend you have a complimentary, no obligation consultation with the Visio Forma technician to establish the price and number of sessions that may be required to achieve your desired result.

The medical laser tattoo removal system is the most advanced treatment available. Unlike earlier equipment it will not cause scarring, or damage to hair follicles. A high energy light is fired at pigment in the tissue: the intense energy produced by the light focuses on, and is absorbed by, the pigment causing heat expansion and an immediate breakdown in the structure of the pigment. The result is that the ink used in tattooing is instantly broken into microscopic fragments. Those close to the surface of the skin are discharged from the body; grains more deeply embedded in the skin are absorbed and removed by the lymphatic system. The result of this new technology is that there is a greatly reduced risk of scarring and damage to hair follicles.

All prices are inclusive of GST. Payment may only be made by cash, or bank transfer.